Hunting Pricing

Hunting Season – October through March

No membership fees or commitments – pay as you go!

All hunts start at a base of $100 (October through March)

This includes a choice of:
3 Pheasants or 5 Chukar Partridge or 9 Bobwhite Quail
For 2 Hunters, stocked in a field for a designated time.

Extra hunters can be added at $10 each.

Extra birds can also be added:

Bird Type

Oct - Dec.

Jan - March

Pheasant - Ringneck



Pheasant - Melanistic Rooster



Chukar Partridge



Bobwhite Quail



Additional $20 set fee for hunts booked Monday through Friday.
Any stray birds harvested during a scheduled hunt are free!

Guide Dog & Handler:     $75

Pointing or Flushing dogs with Handlers can be arranged with advanced appointment. Tipping is encouraged.

Cleaning Facilities

Cleaning facilities are available for you to clean your birds or have us clean them for you.

$3.00 per bird breasted
$5.00 per bird whole

Please call us with any questions or specials events you would like to plan at our farm. Closed on Holidays and for the gun deer hunting season.

Valid for 2023-2024 hunting season; effective October 1, 2023. Pricing subject to change.
We accept cash or check but not debit or credit cards.